Short Deeds - Duty Free



In a globalized time where everything, including human beings, is seen as a commodity, leaving each other seems to be just another everyday errand. Short Deeds is an omnibus of six different cinematic visions, where human relationships come to die in funny and unfunny ways.

Short Deeds were born from a call to action by film director Urban Zorko and producer Marko Kumer Murč, who challenged a generation of filmmakers, screenwriters, directors and their six teams, to offer their visions on the theme by tackling a set of rules and limitations: three pages of script, action in a pulled-over car with no more than three actors, one day of shooting, a twist in the plot, and to be featured in each story – a separation/parting.

The part called "Duty Free" was directed by Mitja Mlakar. The film is available on ShortsTV Europe.

Directors: Urban Zorko, Mitja Mlakar, Urša Menart, Kukla, Jure Dostal
Script witers: Lara Simona Taufer, Rok Bohinc, Eva Nina Lampič, Vesna Lemaić, Simona Hamer, Marko Kumer Murč, Jure Dostal
cast: Saša Pavček, Marko Mandić, Doroteja Nadrah, Janez Škof, Katarina Čas, Gregor Baković, Rok Bohinc, Nina Cijan, Matija Vastl, Lovro Čuček, Janja Majzelj, Davor Janjić, Primož Pirnat, Rok Kunaver
DP: Rok Kajzer Nagode, Darko Sintič, Saso Štih, Žiga Krajnc, Peter Perunović, Darko Herič
Producer: Marko Kumer Murč
co-producer: Mojca Pernat
Production: Enabanda
co-production: Film Factory (SI)
production designer: Maja Šavc
costume designer: Deja Škerjanc
sound designers: Samo Jurca, Peter Žerovnik
1st AD: Lina Eržen
1st AC: Sara Ivanov
Still Photographer: Ksaver Šinkar
Editor: Matic Drakulić
Colorist: Fran Sokolić, Emil Svetlik
Other Info
Lenght: 31 min
Year of production: 2019
Location: Slovenija
Festivals & Awards
winner: best narrative, SHORT to the Point International Short Film Festival (2020)
official selection: Festival of Slovenian Film (2019)
official selection: FeKK Short Film Festival (2019)